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“The best gift for an architect is working with a talented builder. Finding someone who can not only understand the drawings but understand the soul of those drawings and what the architect hopes to achieve in the built form. Ladisic Fine Homes led by Michael Ladisic is one of those rare gifts of a builder. Michael’s team forms a partnership with the architect at the beginning of the project and carries that spirit of collaboration forward with both passion and skill. Yes, the project starts with a great design and set of drawings but the importance of a collaborative and inventive builder can’t be understated. Quality, innovation and passion are all hallmarks of a Ladisic build home and we have enjoyed what has truly become a collaborative relationship with this group.”

— Linda MacArthur, Architect

“When it comes to your own home, you look at it differently. You look at dollars, and you look at time, [Ladisic] is not just a contractor, he’s a visionary; he has an aesthetic. He pushed us, and we ended up with something we loved.”

— Kelly Wolf

“What do we love so much about Michael’s aesthetic?  We’d run out of fingers trying to check off all the points:  superbly crafted, elegantly designed and always plenty of little details that come from someone who is technical and creative at the same time.  And did we mention he’s fun to work with? Full of energy, full of ideas and take it from us: this is a man for whom “no” is not a word.”

— Meg Harrington

“Working with Michael and his team is a pleasure because we are on the same page. Our passion for a positive relationship with our clients and great design is a shared value. Throughout the process, we are creating a unique plan and home. Having a trusted and talented builder like Michael is what makes my set of drawings possible for the client. Having fun along the way is another goal because it should be a fun experience!”

— Yong Pak, Architect